Original Curricula and Educational Philosophy

As a rabbi and Jewish educator, I believe that education and a lifetime of Jewish learning is essential for Jews of all ages. Learning helps us discover more about the rich layers of Judaism, find meaningful connections between tradition and our modern world, and learn more about ourselves as individuals and community members. Below are samples of original curricula I wrote for religious school settings.

For more on my philosophy of education:

"The Purpose of Jewish Education is to Log In to the Jewish Network"

Intimacy Ed.
This year-long curriculum teaches high school students to use the tools of Jewish tradition in order to build healthy and respectful intimate relationships with friends, family, and partners.
Who Am I? Who Are You?​
This year-long curriculum designed for 7th-9th graders is split into two units: introduction to Israel and comparative religions. Both units take a dynamic approach to the content for students to learn more about their identities and others'.
Why Do We Pray?​
This short, four session mini-curriculum introduces 3rd-4th graders beginning their Hebrew education to prayer. The goals of this curriculum are to provide context for learning Jewish liturgy and the value and role of prayer as a spiritual practice.